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  • offenders

    for those who love to offend people

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  • Beer Lovers

    Let's talk about our favorite beers. It's all about beer baby!

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    Beer Lovers
  • Hackers

    If you know about hacking and have advice or questions this is the thred 4 u.

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    Last Activity: August 15th, 2014 12:01 AM

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  • Drug info and safety

    Drugs are the foundation of the existence of life. Many hundreds of thousands exist and many are yet to be found. Although you and I and most matter around us derives from a chemical reaction or another, we must not forget that dangers lurk within these psychedelic and intoxicating combination of molecular particles.

    There are three common and easy-to-explain reaction levels in the chemical world:

    Reactive: The chemical in name is able to be supported and reactive in the human body with side effects that can be positive and negative with rare neutral effects. Do to these chemicals nature human perception of time, space, and the world around us become relaxed, motivating, life changing, and spiritually growing.

    neutral: Due to the fact that we are working with reactive and bio active chemical compounds we wont see this much at all unless we discuss passing piss tests or other disguising compounds. But a short explanation is that these drugs dilute and clean your system to either do as such or to help complications with your health.

    Bio reactive: Some chemicals react to your body inducing a state of high but these type of drugs effects a gland or specific part of your body so it will release it's own chemicals. These drugs can be safer in a few ways. First your using another drug to trigger your own bodies awesome ass secrets that you never knew it could do. Second, some drugs are legal for this reason, your body already contains drugs that can fuck you up so how can they criminalize it? Lastly, the most amazing and effective part of your body is your brain. There are millions upon millions of secrets it holds and many compounds unmask those secrets.

    My mission is to find the safest and most amazing ways to enjoy the drug world. I'm willing to try anything and already have tried several types of drugs for experience. In one good sentence:

    I want to get fucked up and know that i can do it again!

    If you have helped me in the past or intend to help pull this together i greatly appreciate it and wish you the best of luck.

    Have fun,

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    2c- synth
  • Anarchist Cookbook

    Let's cook up some Anarchy!

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    Last Activity: July 29th, 2014 03:11 PM

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    Anarchist Cookbook
  • Chemists

    For those Anarchists who just love to make shit, and just maybe use it. Lists of easy to make items, where to buy them, prices, and how to "cook" them (hey it is the anarchist cookbook)

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    Last Activity: July 25th, 2014 10:33 AM

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    fire bombs
  • Parkour and Freerunning

    Parkour: from point A to B as fast as possible; over, under, through.

    Freerunning: Expressing yourself through movements pleasing to the eye, overcoming's all about your own style.

    Neither of these are technically considered a sport, nor are they competitive.

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    I prefer to walk..
  • being prepared

    for those who don't like getting caught with there pants down.

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  • methcathinone

    tips and recipies of making methcathinone.

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  • Malicious Hacking

    A place to discuss the malicious use of hacking skills,,,,,,cause I have none.

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    This group,