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May 23rd, 2009, 03:29 PM
Here is a assignment where we have to describe what is happening within this circuit. I am hoping that any ideas or insight you may have could help me.
Here is a pic of the circuit http://i40.tinypic.com/k3rksn.jpg

Here is what we observed When plugged in Bulb 1 (60W) glowed brighter than Bulb 2 (100W) which barely glowed

When a shunt was placed in the power box Bulb 1 (60W) almost nothing, Bulb 2(100W) extremely bright

(removed shunt) When a drill was plugged into power box and run, Bulb 1 (60W) didnt glow, Bulb 2 (100W) brighter than origninal (bright as shunt)

case 2 Reverse the Bulbs When plugged in Bulb 1 (100W) was very dim Bulb 2 (60W) extremely bright

When shunt was placed in power box Bulb 1 (100W) no glow at all and Bulb 2 (60W) extremely bright

(remove shunt) When a drill was run Bulb 1 (100W) change from first - no glow and Bulb 2 (60 W) change from first - brighter

Using the principles of physics describe WHY this happened, knowledge of electric circuits is needed. For those that dont know a shunt was just a piece of wire that was bent so it could be fit into the outlet