View Full Version : Why so many schools are under the poverty line

April 15th, 2009, 12:52 PM
this is for Public schools
Why are some school seem like they have no money for books, new school desks and lab equipment ....

many schoools spent $125 million, or 20% (some even double that) of its total school budget, on 18,000 students identified as disabled, although many observers believe that about a third of these children aren't disabled at all or at least wouldn't be if the school system had done its job properly in the first place.

My school only has about half a class room of mentally retarded kids, and one class room of Spanish speaking kids...we have shit books from 1900's, this kids spend they're days in the caff or on a trip in a art room and doing shit like 9 times 4 equals what...

With many of its schools in high-crime areas, the public schools spends more than $5 million a year to field its own sworn--and armed--police force of 112 personnel, whose overtime pay alone would be enough to provide the starting salaries of two dozen full-time teachers. But the city must also pay the routine expenses faced by every school system, the largest of which is always salaries. Last year schools spent $260.4 million to pay teachers and other staff members associated with regular instruction. It paid its special-education staff an additional $82 million. The district spent $24.6 million on central administration, of which $18.9 million went to salaries.

Even so, $646 million is a lot of money. Why didn't it buy schools even the most basic education? Why is real reform only now coming to schools, when the schools' problems have been so evident for so long? And how did things get so bad in the first place?

I find this stupid, what happens to the money some schools use on security in the schools that dont have it like mine? there are millions of questions but if you ask the schools they hide behind the same things and if your a student you get in trouble....